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   Slowly it seems we the Bond Industry are loosing professional courtesy from our government agencies. Personally I have experienced a lack of cooperation and indifference with my local goverment employees lately. It seems that in some cases there are unnecessary boundaries but in place. And in other circumstances a lack of diligence or experience.

   That being said I would ask my peers. What can be done about it? We too often have put ourselves in an adversarial position. Can we find a common voice and move forward in a good orderly direction. 

   At the highest level we have educated eloquent associates arguing our position. However at the grass roots level I feel we are frayed. 

    I advise as a whole we need to work together. Put aside our differences and work in a cohesive manner. It should be our goal to keep and set a high standard so that we are not judged by our lowest.   MTR

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