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Got someone in jail? Call Us. We are OPEN LATE!Oh, I have an Opinion!!  What is your question?  MTR


       I was born and raised in Orlando FL. Having never left I wanted to work for or own a business that dealt with local people. I believe that if you deal with people straight and fair they will remember you when the need arises. 
        My business is located across from the Orange County Jail in Orlando FL. It is also known as 33rd Street Jail and for old school Guys "The Farm". We service the Tri-County area (Seminole County Jail in Sanford, Orange County Jail in Orlando, Osceola County Jail in Kissimmee) and we are apart of the Expert Bail Network.

Serving Central Fl and Beyond!

For Good Orderly Direction call Markham T Roberts Bail Bonds at 407-812-7213.
I got started in the business in 1994 . With the experience I have acquired. I have learned no Bonds are too large or too small. Nor are they too risky. Do you need help carrying the burden? Let us help You. We have over 15 years experience.With the right people and proper backing anything is possible. Wehave a network of people around the State and Country willing and able to help us. So, when the need arises think of us. We are here for You.      MTR

Arrests or Warrants!

        Do you have a friend or family member in jail or has a warrant? I can help. We service Orlando, Sanford and Kissimmee. Any Bonds outside my service area will be forwarded to the Expertbail network. If they have a bond we will be there for you. Again, We service Orange County Fl, Seminole County Fl, Osceola County Fl, Central FL and Beyond.
        Call me at 407-812-7213 or Go to with any and all questions.   MTR

Expert Bail Network

Had a very interesting meeting with ExpertBail Today. Good positive feedback and direction.   MTR

Bail Bonds

Most of what a bail bondsman does is routine.Monday mornings before noon are spent answering the hundreds of calls that pour in from clients who are contractually obligated to check in each week. The afternoons, after a judge at the courthouse has set bonds for the people who ended up in jail the night before, get hectic in the office of Steele Boys’ Bails Bonds Inc.It’s hardly the stuff of reality TV. Phyllis Harmon, a bail bondsman for owner Jerry Steele, has the power to arrest people but rarely needs to; much of the work, she said, is paperwork.